Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze & random TT

its the Un Moms thing!!!!

RIP Patrick Swayze. Even though you were in the worst movie of all time (Dirty Dancing) You were in the best SNL skit of all time so redeemed. 
Best (or worst depending how you look at it) FB status quote about Swayze
"No body puts baby in the coroner" (what to soon?) 

Ladies, dont give guys fake phone numbers. if you HAVE to lie say you have a BF.  It makes us think you are less of a bitch. LOL

Note to self. If you and a significant other have a house, and you get divorced and move out, make sure the utilities are in her name or you will get FUCKED to the tune of $600ish. FML 

GO BLUE! U Michigan put on a hell of a show against Nortre Dame this weekend. What a game! '

Pandora you still fuckin rule! 

Sometimes you gotta say fuck money and get what you want. Right now is not one of those times for me lol 

So ive started re-watching the Sopranos, on my DVDs, love that show!!!!!! 

Ok folks, miss u all, back to work..ugh....new story of my life...


Optimistic Pessimist said...

Just thought I should correct a mistake on your blog...you referred to Dirty Dancing as one of the worst movies - I think you meant to write: one of the greatest movies of all time! No need to thank me.

I've just started watching the Sopronos on DVD (season 1), first time wacthing it ever!

Tracy said...

I'm slowly trying to make my comeback to the bloggyworld. And what a post to return to. LOVES it... but highly disagree with you on the "worst movie of all time" thing. I love me some Dirty Dancing!!!

Bobby G said...

I shouldve Clarified, if you have a Vagina, BEST MOVIE EVER. Penis, WORST ill make that change now...

Tracy said...

PS - I expect to see your little face pop up in my followers and on my {re}debut bloggy.


Oh and thanks for fixing your error.

blueviolet said...

You're gonna make some enemies with that Dirty Dancing talk.

I do agree on Sopranos though. Brilliance.

Sorry about the utility screwing over you just had.

Lee said...

I love that sketch, it was always one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Is it b*tchy for me to just say "No" - excuse not offered.