Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bobby G's Feet's Excellent Adventure

MY FEET SUCK. They are flat as hell. Like these: 

When I step out of the pool, you can see my WHOLE DAMN FOOT! No arch cut out at all. Its like I got fucking flippers on lol. What does it mean? It means pain. Lots of it. When you work all day on your feet (9+ hrs some days) and you have shitty shoes, that's a bad combo. I figured I had to do something, before I kicked my own feet's ass.  Now I could go to a podiatrist, they'd tell me I had flat feet and Id of said, "Way to go Dr. Obvious" and of charged me a shit ton for it, or I can go to Foot Solutions what these guys do for ya is check your feet and determine what's wrong and the best options to fix them! I had an appt for 5 last Thurs. So I rolled over. The guys that work there aren't Drs. They are Podorthists. They are experts in orthotics basically, or shoes inserts for the dumb asses. So what I did was sit down, fill out a form and take my shoes off. The guy comes over and grabs my feet and puts it in the old school foot measures you would see at all shoe stores. I put my feet in it sitting down. And he measures a whole bunch of stuff. Then again standing. What did he determine? That MY WHOLE ADULT LIFE, I have been wearing the wrong size shoes. WOW! Been here five mins and already have a solution. He said my toes are fine in an 11, but the problem is that the widest part of my foot would fit best in a 12, and I found out that my foot is narrow, a B width, so none of my shoes have hugged me like they should.  Then after that he turned on a computer and I had to walk on a pad on the floor that was connected to it. when I was done I looked at the screen and saw my whole damn foot, as i knew I would. And he ran all the numbers through it and determined that I have bad balance because my feet don't transfer weight like they should due to lack of arch. DEAD ON. I am more likely to trip over shit, or stumble than anyone I know. He had me do a balance test. I had to lock my hands together in front and he pushed on them and I stumbled. Then he Had me lock in the back and pushed down and I stumbled. So then he reached behind the desk and grabbed some inserts. I stood on them and did the same test. NOTHING, no movement at all. I was like WOW! So then he watched me walk. He determined that my shoes were shit for me because they offered no motion control. My shoes moved to much when i walked to that they would help w/ my issues due to the lack of stability. I'm already unstable damn it. So when i went there I was like NO WAY IN HELL I'M GETTING DR SHOES! Those things are FUGLY. So he was like let me show you some shoes, I was like here we go. 1st pair were all black sneakers. HIDEOUS! then he showed me some running shoes that I liked due to the color scheme. They are by Brooks, who is a respected name in running shoes, especially Motion control running shoes.  I liked them, they didn't have my size but I tried something close w/ some inserts in them, and WOW! What a difference! It was night and day! So i purchased the arch supports from them. carbon fiber bottom, light and lots of support. He said I should prob get custom orthotics because of my extreme feet. Custom orthotics are like $400 though, so NO. lol. I ended up getting these shoes in 12B width and size. 

They are SO COMFY because they fit me right! The best part of all this is its FREE! NO CHARGE for the tests and stuff. I paid $58 for the supports, but it was so worth it. What a great experience. If you have foot problems, click on the link i had above and see if there is one near you, its FREE!!!! Ta-ta for now bitches! 


Tracy said...

Shut up! Thats awesome! I should state that I too am flat footed. I was not born this way... I had majah arches way back when and then ran cross country and played soccer for YEARS and my arches have fallen.

Lee said...

That's awesome! It's great that he was able to help you.
I should get some insoles. I'm going to be on my feet a lot at work.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

woohooo! I always go to a place that helps you figure out the type of running shoes you need. I'm a high-stability girl!

Beth K. said...

Taking Phil there ASAP!

Hit 40 said...

Too cool!! I will have to check it out. My feet hurt too. Probably from years of waitressing.