Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great then AWFUL now!

More and more as i get older, I try to reconnect w/ my childhood, since I dont have any toys anymore (except grown up toys) I cant do it that way, so now i have to rely on entertainment from the past to relive my younger days. Old TV shows, music & movies are all I have left, the problem is most of the SUCK! lol I apparently had awful tastes in movies, music & TV, back in the day. So here are a few examples of stuff I loved that is now AWFUL!

1.The Pirate Movie
Based on the musical Pirates of penzance its a tale of pirates & apparently how gay they can be. ITS TERRIBLE! Bad music, bad jokes, and overall just an awful tale. Now I do like musicals typically (No im not gay) but this is just PISS POOR! It stars Christy Macnichol & that dude from blue lagoon. I ordered it from amazon & I was hyped, even had my brother come over and have a few beers & were ready to laugh it up, only it didnt happen! lol

2.Saved by the Bell.
WOW this has been on A LOT recently, the episodes are so stupid, the acting is terrible & the stories are insane! I used to love this show! WHY? There are the classic episodes like the one where jesse is hooked on pain pills, or when Casey Kasem Drops by to do the sprain, Or when Jesses cousin, Comes from NY & is a cock to everyone, so they try to get a pic of hime stealing Principal Beldings car. They are are on & are all awful! The only one I still enjoy is the Zack Attack episode (again w/ Casey Kasem)but other than that I cant even stand to watch it when its on, I got to move on lol

3. Poison: Open up and say Ahh!
Now this was my JAM back in 5th grade. I got it because my mom wouldnt let me get Appetite for Destruction by GNR (Parental Advisory explicit lyrics) It rocked out w/ very profound lyrics! or so I thought, they are ridonk! Now everyrose has its thorn is still the jam, I am a poison fan, but this album wasnt good at all! Well its still good for a laugh!


Amy W. said...

I love nostalgic posts :)