Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Female Movie characters I could love

I totally Jacked this from Amy Wisemans Blog But I figured what the hell, so im gonna do my top 5

5.Elena- Zorro
Catherine Zeta Jones at her BADDEST! She was super fly, & she could whip some series ass w/ her sword fighting skills, & she could dance it up!

4. Isabella Molina, Rush Hour 2. Rosalyn Sanchez! Seriously, is there anything hotter than a bad ass italian woman? I think not! Not only was she smokin hot, but she was kinda shady, I like that in a chick.

3.The Devil- Liz Hurley! Bedazzled. Has satan ever been so attractive? NO! This movie made me want to go immediately to hell! She has that sexy british acent & also shes the dark lord of the universe, Nice!

2. Little Mermaid (voice of Jodi Benson)
Is there anything on earth hotter than a superfly redhead that cant talk? I think not! Plus when she has a voice she can belt out a tune which would be great for karaoke

1. Satine- Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge- Satine, the beautiful prostitue,/ singing sensation, she beautiful, tragic & happens to be redheaded which is RIGHT up my alley! Ive never seen a more classically beautiful redhead ever.


Becky said...

You know, if I had to pick a female movie character to love, I think I'd go with Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean. She can sword fight, she looks good in a dress, and she hangs out with pirates all the time. That's a pretty sweet combination.

Bobby G said...

Yeah shes fly but she reminds me too much of natal;ie portman who i dont find too attractive so alas it will never be.....