Sunday, July 20, 2008

Art Fair Blows!

Now being from Ann Arbor like I am, every year I have to deal w/ this event known as the art fair. The art fair is a NATIONAL EVENT! People come from all around the country to check out the artists & art that are here & apparently (Allegedly) buy stuff. Now the art fair is awful for a townie. 1st I work downtown & therefore have to deal w/ roughly 50% of our city streets being closed. Which makes getting anywhere a BITCH. If thats not bad enough it brings in bums from all over the country, New york, Chicago, DC & LA All somehow make it here to panhandle & try to get a dollar for food (read: BEER/LIQUOR) Its crazy there are tons of bums walking around tryin to get whatever from you. Also the number one art fair enemy, is women w/ strollers, I hate them for two reasons. 1 They always seem to hit your fuckin feet w/ their strollers, it pisses me off to no end, I want to smack a bitch everytime that happens, which brings me to #2. Moms having their babies in strollers when its 100 fucking degrees w/ 95% humidity. The kids hate it, they dont know WTF is going on, they cry a lot because they are pissed & uncomfortable, I would be too! Shit! Also another thing is that its always 90 degrees & it rains at least 1 day every year, not jut rain, but Torrential fuckin downpours, its crazy, all the tents of the people almost blow away & stuff, I say good riddance, & the last thing im going to bitch about is all the tourists, I men its good because it helps our economy, tons of merchant dollars comin to the town, but the tourists dont know where they are goin half the time, drive wrong was on one-way streets, I mean im not entirely against the art fair, if its not 200 degrees it is the best people watching on earth! I used to work art fairs when i was younger, and one time I saw a dude drunk as fuck w/ only a loin cloth lol, WTF, SO IN CLOSING come for the art, stay for the people, then get the fuck out!


Amy W. said...

I agree - I always hated art fair.