Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working my Ass Off!!!

72 hrs last week between 2 job, not thats not a mis print, 72 HRS!!!!! I was SO damn dead last week. Just a tremendous strain, but good paychecks so thatll be nice!!!!

One year ago Sunday I met Lori. I was not however sad at all which was nice, and honestly unexpected. I thought it'd be a hard day, but it turns out, that it made me realize that she is in a better place w/ no depression. It was a HUGE breakthrough I feel, and therapy has helped a lot already!!!!

Really fun weekend! Friday had the annual Thanksgiving dinner after i got off work, which usually includes a ton of beer! lol I had only 5! I was so dead! 72 hr week, and I just couldnt hang all night. I slept like a baby!

Saturday, watched suck ass Michigan lose AGAIN! To OSU, which makes it worse, but there's always next year (I hope!)

That night me and my roomie went out, got some drinks and had a good ass time!!!! Worked at 11:30 yesterday, and got home watched TV an finished laundry. Overall it was a very fun weekend!!!!! Im on my way back to being me folks, it feels glorious!!


Sarah said...

Good for you BG! I bet Harley is cheering you up too, my cats always know when I'm down. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Tracy said...

Glad things are turning around for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lee said...

72 hours?! I can work 23 and be exhausted.
School too, but still.
Glad you're starting to feel better.

blueviolet said...

I'm not sure anyone was really surprised to see Michigan tank this year.