Friday, November 13, 2009

The Rapist, err...Therapist,

So I decided I should probably get treatment for this traumatic event that happened to me. I went to Eastern Michigan University's Psych Dept to get therapy by a PhD student there. I don't really care that he doesn't have his degree or license. I just wanted someone impartial to talk to. My friends and family are amazing, but I know them too well. Which sounds weird, but going through this shit I've been through has changed me. Plus its only $10 a session, so I'm excited about that! The 1st session went well, I talked about the event and held it together, it made me feel good, hopefully we have found something here!  I hope thee change is temporary, and I will find out in therapy. I wanna be ME again! I hate this overwhelming sadness, thats not how I am! Its not how I roll! It has been almost 3 weeks, which isn't a lot of time at all! So I know that time will heal me, I just wonder how much time it'll take. 

In GOOD NEWS! Going to see Bruce Springsteen at the Palace tonight w my dad! Got him tix for his bday! He's super excited and so am I! Love the Boss!!! Sorry for the short post, but I need to get back to work! Love you guys! Thanks for all your love and support, it means the world to me! 


Lee said...

That's a really smart idea, going to someone impartial. And I wonder if there's any kind of program like that here... students for $10 a session. It would really help me, too, with all of my crap.

Have fun with the concert!

Sarah said...

The key to therapy IS to find someone that is un-biased. That's why it works! And you are getting a helluva deal, I paid $80/ hr. when I went for a few months...but my shrink helped alot too and I can't even tell you how exactly, he just DID! Keep at it BG!