Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Old Guy in the Club...

Being w/ the same girl for the last 5 years has really taken its toll on my game. I used to be a ladies man. I still can flirt like a pro but I'm not sure if I can close anymore. My biggest worry is going to the club, See what Chris rock has to say about it below!

Ill be 30, not that old but a little old for the club. Everyone there is going to be 21 or younger (fake IDs) bars aren't really a logical place to meet people anymore. they are a place to meet people to HOOK Up with, but not for legit relationships. Its funny because online is becoming a legit place to meet people. I got my profile filled out, so far no bites lol Its kind of surreal, the fact that I can meet someone online, it used to be for freaks & dorks, but like I said it has become legit. I have NO expectations for this, in fact I'm kinda excited, kinda nervous, but mainly i have NO expectations, I'm gonna hit parties & bars and have fun be single again, 30 is the new 20? whats 20? the new 6 and a half?