Friday, September 19, 2008

Trueblood! & Sons of Anarchy!

There are 2 new shows im REALLY diggin this year. The 1st is Trueblood on HBO, the premise is that Vampires are now "out of the coffin" it is acknowledged that they are amongst us and most people seem cool with it (except the religious freaks!) Now the reason they are "out" is that there is a synthetic blood called true blood so most vampires dont need to eat humans anymore, of course some still do. Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse( LOVE THE NAME) and she is a human but she can read peoples minds, a gift that she HATES! She can hear 50 people at once and it drives her nuts, her friend Tara is Hilarious! Shes black and opinionated and just great, she plays comic relief on the show. The vampire that Sookie (Anna Paquin) is in love with is Bill (Worst vampire name ever?) He was a Civil war vet and he is trying to come to grips with being a vampire and he also seems to be falling for Sookie, its only 2 episodes in, so its not too late to watch it!

Sons of Anarchy on FX is a bad ass show! Its pretty much Sopranos w/ a biker gang instead of the mob. The premise is a gang call Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO) is running this little town called Charming California. They have the cops on the payroll, but a new officer Hale is trying to clean up the town. He and SAMCRO have mad issues, Katy Segal is back (Peg Bundy on Married w/ Children)and she looks GREAT! Shes a cougar for sure! The leader of the gang is Clay (Ron Perlman of Hellboy fame) and he is married to Gemma (Katy Segal) Gemmas stepson Jax is the VP of the group and one of the younger members, his dad started the club in the 60s. Overall there is a lot of kick ass bikes, and violence and for some reason they can say shit on FX which is cool, and they take full advantage of it lol, they are 3 shows in check it out, its SWEET!


Becky said...

I watched an episode and a half of True Blood and I'm not so sure how great it is. Some of the dialogue is really poorly written. Also, you'd think they could have cast a more handsome vampire guy for her. He's kind of...blah.

I do enjoy watching it and counting up the number of similarities between this series and the Twilight series that was written for preteens. Since the books that True Blood was based on were written first, I think the plagiarism is kind of blatant.

Bobby G said...

Its not plagiarism, is an adaption of those books, charlene harris is a creative consultant, and she loves the series about her books. Agreed Bill isnt that fly, but Anna Paquin has never been hotter

Becky said...

No, I mean Twilight plagiarized the Charlene Harris novels, if the series is actually similar to the books. For example, the Harris series has:
-A telepathic chick who can't hear the mind of the vampire guy she falls for.

-A vampire dude who doesn't like to kill people.

-A vampire with the ability to "glamour" people into doing what he wants.

The Twilight series has:
-A telepathic vampire dude who can't hear the mind of the mortal chick he falls for.

-A vampire dude who doesn't like to kill people.

-A vampire with the ability to "dazzle" people into doing what he wants.

I'm just saying the similarities are a little too coincidental for me. I think Steph Meyer may have ripped some of it off for her book.

Bobby G said...

Ah you may have something there!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

shit true blood is one of my favorite shows! It wasn't on last week I'm thirsty for a new episode.