Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Laziness/Fat People

Now we are all lazy from time to time. I may be more lazy than others but I will NOT stoop to this low:
So I'm leaving work the other day (a2 News) and I am behind a larger lady, she holds the door I say thank you then SHE runs past me and opens the handicapped door and just waits, I say to her "really" and just walk away. WTF? lol. Seriously? I'm like waiting for a handicapped door, that's nuts! Also i hate the people who pile onto the parking elevator after work and say "Floor 2 please" I'm like really you cant walk 1 fucking floor? OK. Don't get me wrong if I'm on 3 I use the elevator lol but if I'm on 2I HAVE to take the stairs or I feel lame. Also whats up w/ the marginally fat people w/ the scooters. Most of these people are not carnival freak fat but id say they are 50 or so lbs over weight, I'm like really? walking may do you (not your knees) some good!
Also on the subject of fat people have you seen the PRO high fructose Corn Syrup Commercials? They are CRAZY! here they are below in 1 video:

SERIOUSLY! PRO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP COMMERCIALS! they might as well have PRO type 2 Diabetes Commercials & Pro childhood Obesity Commercials. It was funny when me & my wife were watching TV and saw that commercial we were like WHAT!? because at first it looks like an anti HFCS commercial, then we were floored! I'm not the healthiest person on earth, but I have learned A LOT about what to look for and what not to have in your food, HFCS is at the TOP of the list, its the New Trans Fat, So heres to you HFCS making our children a little fatter 1 popsicle at a time!


Becky said...


Yeah, the HFCS commercials made my head explode. I hate that on campus people take the elevator to the second floor. I take the stairs, unless I'm going to floor 5 or 6 and don't want to get there all out of breath from carrying my 20 lb. backpack with me. I take the stairs at work too, since we only have 3 floors.

I'm lazy, and by lazy I mean I come home and become best friends with my sofa. I watch tv and read and not much else, but at the same time I weigh like 106 lbs. I would hope that if I was hitting like 130 or something I'd get off my ass and do something about it. Of course, where I'd find the time, that's another issue entirely.

Bobby G said...

exactly! my ex wife BUSTED her ass, she works out and runs all the time & looks great, but shes 5'1" tall so any weight she does gain seems like alot more cause she compact, but like I said i admiore her work ethic because she can prob whoop my ass if she wasnt so little lol!