Friday, June 6, 2008

A Message to myself at 15

Dear Bobby G
Hi, its me, you, from the future. I just wanted to give you a few tips to help you live your life, from someone thats been there. so here we go
1. Make sure you follow through on that date you have set up w/ Kara, if you dont youll regret it
2. Get accutaine & the 1st site of Acne (at 16) and HS will be a lot more fun.
3. Your parents are cool as shit...
4. Dont Speed so damn much
5. Go to college, not WCC, or youll miss out on your college exp.
6. Have a few drinks, dont get fucked up, but just a few drinks in HS & go to some parties,
7. When UM wins the NC in football, in 1997, have fun downtown
8. When you are 21 you're gonna party your ass off, dont change a thing, these will be the best times of your life.
9. Your wife is HOT!
10. When its time to bang Katie N. make sure that condom is on tight, or itll burn.
11. Brush your teeth better & FLOSS!
12. Also dont be a cock to Lindsi, shes a cool ass girl,
14. Your Harley will be bad ass.
15. Your friends are great, they will basically be the same.
16. Dont yel at those ids at your 1st apt, or your car will get fucked up..
17. You will thing you are in love a few times, but you arent, when you are, youll know..

OK Bobby G, thats about all i can think of right now, good luck & if you do what i say you will no regrets in life! Peace
Bobby G


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