Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Now I like to ride my bicycle, though the tires are currently flat, its great exercise & its really soothing to do. My problem lies in 3 areas. I will list them & speak of each one separately
1. They Don't use the sidewalk & thus fuck up traffic
2. They don't follow the same rules as cars
3. The guys that ride to work.

My biggest beef is when im driving home from work, its rush hour, its hot, traffic is slow as it is, and we are having to cross the center line because some dipshit on a bicycle is taking up half a lane when there is a perfectly good sidewalk right next to them. Now in some cities it is not legal to ride on the sidewalk (Thanks Ypsi!) but most it is legal. Another thing that pisses me off is when im in my car or on my Harley & i stop for a red light & a bicycle runs right through it. I honestly think people should get tickets for that, if they are on the sidewalk I under stand, because traffic laws don't apply, but if you are gonna be in the position to fuck up traffic (see #1) then you better follow the same rules. Now the guys that ride bicycles to work, the don't really piss me off, but OH i have questions....Do you really need to rock the spandex & the streamlined helmet & the helmet mirror? I mean what do you do for work? are you a wrestler? that would explain the spandex, also id have to imagine that you are pretty funk nasty when ya get to work, thatd be awful to have to sit next to them, funk emanating over the cubicle walls, oh well its all good cyclists, as Queen says, GET ON YOUR BIKES & RIDE!