Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I did on my Bloggy Vacation...

Bobby G is back bitches, at least for today anyways. I'm pissed I missed dear So & SO its one of my fav things of the week. Oh well ill catch ya Friday for sure! 

So you may be asking... "BG WTF did you do on your bloggy vacation?" 

Well the answer is A LOT! 

Friday, while I wasn't doing SO & SO Letters, I was selling my fucking house! Its gone, its done, its over! It feels GREAT! It was such a long tough task. But now I can rest easy. Oh and as an added bonus from Obama (Thanks sir!) We got $750, to split because we did a short sale & NOT a foreclosure. So that was nice! 

After work Friday, I rolled up north w/ my buddies for a MUCH needed break. Some time away after all the shit went down. We STOCKED up on booze and food and rolled, here  is our fridge from day 1. 

That was night one. We killed all that and THEN SOME! We had a couple coolers full too. So after this debaucerous night, we cashed out. About 4 am I am awoken by my partied out friend Nate as he tries to get on my air mattress w/ me. I'm like "DUDE! WTF are you doing" He says "Going to bed" I'm like "DUDE ITS OVER THERE" he looks me in the eye and says "I'm too drunk" and passes out against the couch. LOL. Our other partied out friend Eric kicked my buddy Big Tim's Dog out of the doggy bed and slept in it lol. The dog was all confused like WHAT DO I DO? LOL  We get up the next morning and decide to MASH on some pancakes, well I didn't because I hate them, but everyone else was killing them, and I looked at the box 

Anyone else game for some KRUSTY ASS PANCAKES?! lol 

We head to town the next day for more supplies and see this little gem! 

It was Michigan made out of coke & diet coke 12packs. Its pretty bad ass. The smiley face was where we were at. 

Saturday was ROUGH for most. But we all rallied except Eric who puked his GUTS OUT! we told him he sucks at Up North. 

Saturday we played more drinkin games. Had a delicious Taco Dinner, and played X box and chilled. Came back Sun Afternoon, it was a BLAST! Just the getaway I needed. 

So Apple is tryin its best to FUCK ME. 

Was supposed to have training in Ann Arbor Fri & Sat 9-6. Which would've sucked, but it got MUCH WORSE when it was decided that it would be Sat & Sun in Troy. Troy is an hr away, all x way and traffic-y as shit. It blows. 

Pretty much moved into the apt. Ill do a video tour/blog this week sometime! Nice spot! HUGE fountain right out my window, I like to sit on the patio and drink a beer and listen to the fountain than Piss PROFUSELY due to the water noise lol. 

Ok blog land. Chillin for now! Enjoy your Wed! See you hopefully tomorrow, but FOR SURE FRI! 


Lee said...

Krusteaz is the best kind of pancake.
You know it's true.

Could you have HAD more beer? Such a dude Bobby, such a dude.

Sounds like fun though. But you LEFT US! *sobs*

Anonymous said...

Yay for selling the house!

Beer used to take over our fridge so bad that we bought a second fridge just for beer.

Sheri said...

Wow that is a lot of beer! I haven't seen a fridge like that since college. LOL :P

Optimistic Pessimist said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! Congrats on selling the house!!!!!!!

Aimeepalooza said...

"You suck at up North," has to be my favorite phrase ever.

Toni said...

All that booze in the fridge...jealous? Me? Never *cough cough*

Princess Andy said...

i agree with yaya, you need another fridge for booze dude. it's the only way to go, 'cause then you don't have to run to the liquor store every day.

and also i think you may have slipped backwards to 18 again. hope you're enjoying yourself, but don't pull your back out or something because your body doesn't follow your mind back to youth;)